Commission Prices

Customer Discounts:
We want to offer you guys what discounts we can. We all know our hobbies aren't cheap so whatever we can do we will.

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2nd order 5%
3rd order 10%
4th order 15%

Warhammer 40K/Fantasy & Warmachine

Our pricing is done by the base size of the individual model(s)

28mm Basing per Squad Size.

$25 - 5 models
$35- 10 models
$60 - 20 models
$100 - 50 models

$35 Non based vehicles - tanks, aircraft, etc.
$15 Based vehicles - Sentinals, Large Tyranids, Dreadnoughts, War Jacks.

$40 - $60 Large bases monsters - Forest Spiders, Large Forgeworld models.

Cavalry Bases per Unit Size. 
30$ - 5 models
40$ - 10 models
70$ - 20 models
120$ - 50+ models

COMING SOON Dystopian Wars

COMING SOON Force on Force
Flames of War (FoW) Prices:

$1 per Infantry model (Individual man, NOT stand)
$2 per Camo Infantry model (helmet camo is treated as a standard $1 infantryman NOT a camo one.)
$5 per Single tone Vehicle
$10 per Muli tone (Camo) Vehicle
$.20 per Decal
$50 for Customizing (i.e. stowage,tank riders,custom bases, poses)
$2 per pair of Magnets (anysize)


$1 Woodland Bases
$1 Desert Bases
$3 Snow Bases


$10 Standard Objective
$15 Custom Objective


Miniatures :
Cost of the model is required up front, and will be purchased from my local game store Mind Games. We don't mind ordering any items you might need or want for your project. We order all items in the US with US dollars.
Forge World : 
We can order Forge World for you, we end up doing about one order a month anyway. Forge World will be quoted in US dollars (converted).